EGGERSMANN luxurious kitchens

sophisticated kitchens - tailor-made since more than one hundred years ...


  • Eggersmann_ UNIQUE-Corian

    UNIQUE Corian

  • eggersmann_01

    stunning granite

  • eggersmann_02

    solid wood face

  • Eggersmann_03

    trade show

  • Eggersmann_06

    veneer + granite

  • Eggersmann_Hamburg1

    wall integrated + island

  • Eggersmann_lupus_grey_detail

    lupus grey granite

  • Eggersmann_matt-black1

    matt black

  • Eggersmann_matt-black2

  • Eggersmann_matt-black3

  • Eggersmann_matt-black4-unique


  • Eggersmann_Unique-Graphite-Brown-Limestone

    integrated appliances



aesthetic and luxurious kitchens tailor-made

Eggersmann produces tailor-made aesthetic and luxurious kitchens for more than a hundred years now. "We are passionate about striving for perfection and timeless elegance", they use latest manufacturing technologies, same time maintaining traditional craftsmanship.

sophisticated kitchens since 1908 

Eggersmann kitchens and equipment can hardly be matched for its timelessness and minimalism, valuable and unique for discerning people. Intricate solutions are applied to sophisticated details ... 

aesthetics - innovative and luxurious 

Solid yet light front and worktop finishes made of 800 million years old granites - the new E 3.0 system sets standards with its 19mm carcasses and 8mm back panels. A new height and depth grid offer more than 20 percent additional volume. A new drawer system comes with whole seamless framings in anodized aluminum. Multiple award-winning is the BOX TEC organizer system ... 

...made in Hiddenhausen - Germany 

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  • tailor-made 
  • aesthetic 
  • luxurious 
  • made in Germany 







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