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German Interior is the First German digital tradeshow serving you 365/24. To access this digital tradeshow you need no international flights, no hotel bookings, no entrance fees. German Interior is a One-Stop-Shop, here you find 24/7 direct access to 4000 German suppliers of design interiors, building supply, and services. Suppliers are presented in 50 Showrooms /Categories. Make your selection and contact suppliers directly. In case of any assistance, we welcome you to be at your service.

Gateway to "Made in Germany"

GERMAN INTERIOR is your professional Gateway to the German industry of interior design solutions and building supply. Furniture, kitchen, components, lighting, decoration, project interiors, building and construction components, crafts business, design services, and more listed in 50 showrooms.

we talk Made in Germany

we talk about German brands, producers, manufacturers, collections, products, craftsmanship, designs, and services - carefully selected. Our company portraits are kept short, with pictures, and direct links.

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German Interior is a digital tradeshow - You can find us here:

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  7. Skype: germaninterior (for personal service)

Digital Look Book 

Company portraits introduce German suppliers with compact performance appraisals, well illustrated and with a direct link to their websites. 

Digital Tradeshow with 50 Showrooms

50 Showrooms list currently 1000 German suppliers. Each company portrait is like a digital tradeshow booth. German suppliers present their products and provide compact information about their brands, products and services. You find direct weblinks and direct contact to each supplier - that's Your Gateway to Made in Germany.

be inspired 

Find out German innovations, technologies, designs, and qualities. Learn about top brands, collections and their latest products, technologies, craftsmanship, and young creative StartUps. Explore the supplier portraits and explore "Made in Germany". You will be excited.

Engineered for your performance

German Interior is enigneered for the successful performance of ambitious interior projects worldwide
We look forward to be at your service.